Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I Post a Webinar on Webinarkhoj?

You should first Sign-up and then Click on "Post a Webinar" link and enter the details as asked. It is very easy. Follow this video to get yourself started:

Q2. Does Webinarkhoj host Webinars?

No Webinarkhoj does not host any Webinars. It is a platform that brings to you the information on upcoming Webinars from around the World and that too for Free

Q3. When is it ideal to Post a Webinar ?

It is good to Post them a week to 10 days in advance to maximize attendence

Q4. Does Webinarkhoj charge Commissions from Paid Webinars?

No Webinarkhoj does not charge any commissions on Listings

Q5. What does it cost to Post a Webinar on WebinarKhoj?

Posting webinars on webinarkhoj is absolutely Free for all Weabinars. This includes both Paid as well as Free Webinars

Q6. Why should I list on Webinarkhoj?

Listing on Webinarkhoj gets you great visibility from around the World. The online presence and overall popularity fo Webinarkhoj helps in boosting the attedence at your Webinars